The 2012 Summer Olympics in London
Games of the XXX Olympiad - July 27 to August 12
Paralympic Summer Games - August 29 - September 9

2012 Summer Games Events Schedule

Sports events
* Archery * Badminton * Basketball * Beach Volleyball * Boxing * Canoe/Kayak * Cycling * Diving * Equestrian * Fencing * Field Hockey * Gymnastics * Handball * Judo * Modern Pent. * Rhythmic Gym. * Rowing * Sailing * Shooting * Soccer * Swimming * Sync. Swimming * Table Tennis * Taekwondo * Tennis * Track & Field * Trampoline * Triathlon * Volleyball * Water Polo * Weightlifting * Wrestling
NOTE: 32 total sports. Baseball and Softball have been dropped from the summer program.
Golf and rugby sevens were selected for the Games, but not until Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

US team medals Gold     Silver   Bronze Total
2008 Games in Beijing  2008 Medals 36 38 36 110
2004 Games in Athens  2004 Medals 35 39 29 103
NBC will broadcast the event and Citigroup has signed an agreement to become the official sponsor of the 2012 Olympic and US committee for Olympic as well as paralympic teams. London will become the first city to stage the Olympics three times (1908, 1948).
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The Logo - The design has created a bit of controversy. The jagged shapes represent the numbers 2012. The Iranian Olympic Committee feels that read top to bottom, it spells out "Zion" -- a term widely used to refer to Jerusalem and threatened to boycott. An animated version of the logo had to be dropped because it could trigger epileptic fits in thousands of people.
News Item - 2012 Olympics Logo Is a Bit Too Jewy for Iranís Taste. | News Item - Olympic logo triggers epilepsy.

The Openings - James Bond star Daniel Craig is to open the 2012 Olympic Games ceremony after a personal invitation from The Queen. She asked him into Buckingham Palace to film spectacular scenes as 007 for Londonís sporting extravaganza.
News Item - On her Majesty's secret service.
Olympic Stadium
News Item - Tommy Davies wrote his name into the history books. He became the first person to cross the Olympic Stadium finish line. Davies was one of 5,000 runners to descend on Stratford for the first official race to be staged in the Olympic Park.
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Sports the US medaled in last time out

- 28(2004) 31(2008)
The 2012 United States Olympic Trials-Swimming will once again be held at the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska. The 2008 Trials set a new standard for swimming excitement and 2012 promises to bring even more poolside thrills to America's Heartland.

When: June 25th-July 2nd 2012
Where: Qwest Center Omaha
455 North 10th Street Omaha, NE 68102

12 Things to know about London '12


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Track & Field - 25(2004) 23(2008)
University of Miami womenís head coach Amy Deem and University of Maryland head coach Andrew Valmon have been nominated to serve as the womenís and menís head coaches. Diane Wholey and Ken Brauman are nominated as head managers. All Olympic Team staff selections are pending final approval of the U.S. Olympic Committeeís Chief Executive Officer.
  Beach Volleyball - 2(2004) 3(2008)
When two-time Olympic gold medalists Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh announced last week that they would reunite in an effort to win a third gold medal, that didn't mean the London 2012 Olympic Games would be the beach volleyball duoís farewell tour. After her spin with "Dancing With the Stars," May-Treanor realized she had to change her training regimen. "Itís all about maintaining," she said. "I'm no spring chicken anymore."


Gymnastics - 9(2004) 10(2008)
DeWitt gymnast travels to Italy this week in order to build her international resume. Once again, Jordyn Wieber is on the go. Wieber will travel to Italy for an important international meet this week.
North Korea's gymnasts are still barred from the 2012 London Olympics as punishment for age falsification, despite the country's reform efforts.

  Wrestling - 6(2004) 3(2008)
Iowa City, Iowa has been selected to host the 2012 US Olympic Team Trials for Wrestling. The event will be held at Carver-Hawkeye Arena on the campus of the University of Iowa from April 21-22, 2012.
Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo Returns to Wrestling Competition - Seeking Top of the Podium in 2012. The youngest gold medalist in United States wrestling history wants to win another medal for his country.

Cycling - 4(2004) 5(2008)
Taylor Phinney is considered one of USA Cyclingís brightest hopes for the future and is a strong medal contender. Taylor is a five-time World Champion and has earned nine medals at the World Championships as a Junior, U23 and Elite competitor.
Menís Selection Procedures for 2012 Olympic Games Road Team Announced.

In the first modern Olympics (1896), the cyclists raced 87 kilometers over two laps of the marathon course. It wasn't until 1984 in Los Angeles that women got to join the action.
  Shooting - 3(2004) 6(2008)
Athletes will compete for US Olympic Shooting Team spots via selection procedures that conclude in the spring of 2012. The National Coaches canít predict with certainty which athletes will make the team, yet they feel confident the policies and strategies they've put in place since the 2008 Olympic Games will help all the athletes perform at the highest levels. They decided to hand-pick "Developing Elite" athletes for the CAT Team so that those athletes could gain the valuable experience in high-level competition necessary to face the worldís best shooters in any venue.

Rowing - 2(2004) 3(2008)
Rowing has been an Olympic event since the 1900 Games but women were only first allowed to compete at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. Events for lightweight crews were introduced in 1996.
The 14 Rowing events range from the Single Sculls, featuring solo rowers, to the Eights, contested by teams of eight rowers plus a cox. All events are held over a 2,000m course, with the competition taking a total of eight days.
  Sailing - 2(2004) 2(2008)
The 2012 Olympics will have 10 one-design sailing events, six for men and four for women. "One design" means the boats used by all competitors in any event are identical, so the sailorís skill and strategy determine the winner.
US SAILING, the national governing body for the sport, is proud to announce the members of the new 2011 US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics (USSTAG), the national sailing team comprised of Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls. These athletes have proven to be the top performing sailors in the world: Twelve are Olympians and two are Olympic medalists, five are Paralympians and three are Paralympic medalists, seven are World Champions and ten athletes are ranked top five in the world by ISAF.


Taekwondo - 2(2004) 3(2008)
Twenty athletes are attending a National Team Camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs this week. Members of the US National Team, Pan American Games Qualification Team and World Olympic Qualification Team will spend the week training with the LaJust electronic body protector system and participate in field testing, sport psychology sessions, blood testing, medical reviews, nutrition meetings and weight training.

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  Basketball - 2(2004) 1(2008)
Twelve qualified nations will be drawn into two groups each consisting of six teams. After a robin-round, the four highest placed teams in each group will advance to a knock-out round to decide the medals.
NBA Commissioner David Stern welcomed the decision to allow Britain's basketball teams to compete at the 2012 London Olympics. Stern says "the opportunity for (British) fans to see Team GB compete at the highest level of our sport will be a treat for them and will accelerate the appreciation for basketball in the UK in an enormously positive way." On Sunday, world governing body FIBA gave Britain's men's and women's teams automatic spots in the London Games without having to qualify.

Boxing - 2(2004) 1(2008)
Female boxers will take part in the Olympics for the first time, fighting in the fly-, light- and middleweight divisions. The men will fight over 10 categories. Each event, contested by amateurs, will be a knockout affair, but both losing semi-finalists get a bronze.
The Last Chance Qualifier tournament (
Cincinnati, Ohio, July 4-9) will provide a final opportunity for all of the male Olympic hopefuls who have not previously qualified for the US Olympic Team Trials for Boxing.
It will feature solely menís boxing due to the differing Olympic qualification schedules. As womenís international qualifying will not begin until the Spring of 2012, the US Olympic Team Trials for womenís boxing are slated to take place in early 2012.
The United States has won more Olympic boxing medals than any other country ... but has been far from dominant in recent Olympic Games.
Panel to probe possible boxing fix for 2012 Games.

Fencing - 2(2004) 6(2008)
Invented in the 17th Century, Fencing came from duelling practice, where a sword with a flattened tip was used to prepare fighters for their deadly clashes.
US Menís Epee: Right Team, Right Place, Wrong Time - As part of the IOC ďcompromiseĒ allowing Womenís Sabre to be a medal event at the Olympics, fencing had to bench two fencing disciplines each Olympic cycle. Each cycle, one menís and one womenís team is benched.
The US Women's Foil Team earned its highest finish at a World Cup this season when the squad placed fifth on Sunday at the Torino World Cup in Italy.
Invented in the 17th Century, Fencing came from duelling practice, where a sword with a flattened tip was used to prepare fighters for their deadly clashes.
Fact - After the Paris 1924 Games, the Italian and Hungarian teams settled a scoring controversy with a real-life duel.

The Official Website of the US Fencing Association.

Baseball - 0(2004) 1(2008)
They'rrre out! Olympics drop baseball, softball Sports eliminated for 2012 Games, but could win way back in 2016.

  Softball - 1(2004) 1(2008)
As for softball, no one has ever said anything about its removal other than the mere fact that the American women dominate their sport as though they are the only lineup on the planet.


Equestrian - 5(2004) 3(2008)
The International Equestrian Federation has confirmed the first teams to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics. The Netherlands, Germany and the United States qualified in dressage. Canada, New Zealand, the US, Germany and Belgium will compete in eventing. Germany is defending champion in both team events.
Men vs women - Along with sailing, equestrian is the only Olympic sport where men and women compete against each other. Inspired by the chariot races of the ancient Greek games, it is also the only Olympic sport in which humans and animals are teammates.
What's New in Equestrian

  Soccer - 1(2004) 1(2008)
A twenty-year old college soccer player breaks her leg badly, then suffers life-threatening complications, only to be rushed to the hospital by her then-boyfriend, a pre-med major, and recovers. Ali Krieger plays professionally with FFC Frankfurt in Germany. In order to pursue her goals of making the USAís 2011 Womenís World Cup Team and perhaps playing in the 2012 Olympics, Krieger elected not to re-sign with Frankfurt for a fifth season and will instead head back in April to her native land of suburban Virginia.
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Volleyball - 0(2004) 1(2008)
Less than four months after leading the US Menís National Team to the 2008 Olympic Games gold medal, McCutcheon agreed to serve as head coach position with the US Womenís National Team through the 2012 Olympic Games.

Tennis - 1(2004) 2(2008)
The Olympic Tennis Event at the 2012 London Olympics should be one of the highlights of the Olympic Games.
Four gold medals will be awarded for men's and women's singles and doubles. Since the Games in 2004, results from Olympic tennis have counted towards both the ATP and WTP world rankings and the world's best players participate.
Tennis News    

Water Polo - 1(2004) 2(2008)
The British Olympic Association have confirmed that both the men's and women's British water polo teams are assured of their place in the London 2012 Olympics - the first time Great Britain will have played the sport at the Games in 56 years.
The longest running team sport on the Olympic programme, menís water polo made its Olympic debut at the 1900 Paris Games. But it was not until a century later, at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, that a womenís tournament was introduced.
USA Water Polo - teams and events.

Judo - 1(2004) 1(2008)
Judo is an art that originated in Japan. It stemmed from Jiu-Jitsu, and essentially, the founder of Judo took all of the small joint manipulation out of Jiu-Jitsu. Back in the late 1800's, Judo became the national sport of Japan.
A judo match takes place between two players, on a mat, and is watched and scored by referees. Within a judo match, the objective is to score an ippon, which is akin to a pin in wrestling or a knockout in boxing. When an ippon is scored, a match is over.
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